Gator Cases Enters Stand Market with Innovative, Feature-Rich Frameworks Line

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
For over a decade, Gator Cases has been providing top quality, heavy-duty case solutions for a vast array of music and audio related products. With the release of Gator’s new Frameworks line, the company breaks new ground with a full offering of high quality, innovative stands and support systems for Microphones, Speakers, Keyboards, Guitars, Sheet Music, and Tablet devices.
With the launch of this new series, it was important to Gator that Frameworks was not ‘just another stand company’. The Frameworks line was designed from the ground up with a sleek and modern look while also being compact and feature rich. Improving upon the current offering in the stand market was also a key factor of the release. Through extensive research, Gator took a close eye to all of its competition with a focus on improving and expanding upon the market. Gator Cases President, Crystal Morris, stated We did not want to be a me-too line nor did we feel that there was space in the market for another line of stands unless it was a ground up project with a complete focus on improving what is currently in the market.” 
Making sure the line was priced just right was also a large part of the intially planning. We did not aim to be the lowest price in the market nor the highest price with Frameworks. We are looking to offer the very best value by creating feature rich, well designed products at an affordable price.” added Morris.
You’ll notice close attention to detail with the sleek, matted black look, soft grip rubber knobs and handles, rubber feet with removable red safety trim, unassuming logo placement, and unique features such as one-handed height adjustment. The line will also include the patent pending ID Series, featuring groundbreaking design and advanced ergonomics. The initial Frameworks launch includes 54 stands and mounts across a broad spectrum of categories including Microphone, Speaker, Music, Guitar, LCD, Keyboard, and Tablet devices. The majority of the line is in stock and shipping now. Contact your authorized Gator Cases Dealer for more info.
View the entire Frameworks line here: www.gatorframeworks.com