Gator Frameworks Wall Mount Guitar Hangers Are Perfect Fit for Any Setting

Tuesday, February 09, 2016
Gator Frameworks has expanded its offering for guitars with a stylish wall mount guitar hanger designed to perfectly blend in with any environment.
The Frameworks Guitar Hanger is quick and easy to install and safely supports most stringed instruments including electric, acoustic and bass guitars. The rubberized swivel yoke allows the hanger to properly cradle the instrument, while the sleek black standoff ensures the guitar sits far enough off the wall for both straight and angled headstocks. Mounting hardware is included as well as a foam wall pad to protect your surface from marring or scratches. Once installed, a decorative plate covers the mounting hardware for a clean and stylish presentation.
What truly sets the Frameworks Guitar Hanger apart from the rest is the variety of decorative cover plates available. With FIVE unique cover plates available, the Frameworks Guitar Hanger is perfect for any setting. Match your contemporary style at home with the Cherry, Mahogany, or Maple finish or go for a modern look in the studio with a brushed stainless steel or all black cover plate. The GFW-GTR-HNGR will be available in early 2016 from your authorized Gator Frameworks dealer.