Gator Launches New Rotational Molding Website to Promote Custom Manufacturing Capabilities

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
For over a decade, Gator Cases has been providing top quality, heavy-duty case solutions for the music and audio/video industries. With the acquisition of a U.S.A. manufacturing plant in 2009, Gator has vastly increased its line of rotationally molded plastic products. Based in Grabill Indiana, the Gator factory has since seen continued growth and increases in production efficiency including the installation of an additional Rotoline brand rotational molding machine.     
Gator has launched a new website, Gator Molding (www.gatormolding.com) to increase awareness and promote Gator’s rotational molding capabilities. Rotational or ‘Roto’ molding is a method of forming plastic to create an extremely durable yet lightweight product. The site includes detailed information on the Gator facility, manufacturing capabilities, featured projects, and easy to use contact forms. Lastly, a factory tour video includes a walk through on the production of a molded plastic rack case from start to finish.
The Gator Molding site can be accessed from the following URL’s: http://www.gatormolding.com & http://www.usarotomolding.com