Heavy Duty Gator Frameworks Round Base Mic Stands Now Shipping!

Friday, August 23, 2013
Music and Pro Audio Case manufacturer, Gator Cases recently launched the Frameworks line of high quality, innovative stands and support systems for Microphones, Speakers, Keyboards, Guitars, Sheet Music, and Tablet devices. The line includes a variety of microphone stand options perfect for the studio or the stage. Available models include both round base and tripod feet and are available with optional boom arms.
Round base models include a 10” or 12” diameter weighted base made of heavy duty steel and includes a no-slip vibration reducing gasket to ensure a solid and stable footprint. Standard models (GFW-MIC-1000 & GFW-MIC-1200) include a soft grip twist clutch which only requires a quarter turn to lock, making height adjustments quick and easy. Deluxe models (GFW-MIC-1001 & GFW-MIC-1201) take it up a notch with a unique one handed clutch for height adjustment when only one hand is free.   Optional accessories for the Round base stands include both an adjustable 26” single section boom arm (GFW-MIC-0010) and a telescoping 30” boom (GFW-MIC-0020). All Frameworks Mic Stands feature a sleek, matted black finish, soft grip rubber knobs and handles, and are compatible with both US and Euro Mic clips.
Gator Frameworks Round Base Microphone Stands including both the 1000 (10” base) and 1200 (12” base) series are in stock and available for immediate shipping. Please contact your authorized Gator Cases dealer for more information. To view the entire Frameworks lines visit www.gatorframeworks.com!