New Accessory Case is the Ultimate Guitarist Side-Kick.

Thursday, February 02, 2012
A guitar should be treated like a fine automobile. Not only must it be handled with care, but also requires regular maintenance to keep it roaring like it did the day you drove it off the lot. Any good mechanic knows to keep his tools close by his side, a mindset that any good guitarist should definitely share in. With that in mind, Gator has released the new Guitar Accessory Case.   
Gator’s Guitar Accessory case is made a tough nylon exterior with numerous storage pockets, compartments and pouches to hold a variety of guitarist tools and accessories. With storage space for strings, picks, capos, slides, tuner, batteries, tools, and more; this accessory case is the ultimate side-kick for any serious guitarist. About the size of a small notebook, the Guitar Accessory case closes with a heavy duty zipper and Velcro tab and will fit in most gig bags with a large or oversized pocket.   
The new Guitar Accessory Case provides a compact, stylish, and lightweight carry solution for the true guitarist. Available in early spring 2012 from your local authorized Gator Cases dealer.