New Gator Speaker Cover Series Slips on to the Speaker Market

Wednesday, June 08, 2016
Gator Cases has released a new series of speaker slip covers designed for the hottest compact speaker cabinets on the market. Three models are available to fit 8”, 10”, and 12” speaker cabinets such as the QSC K Series, Yamaha DXR Series and Turbosound iQ Series.
The GPA Cover Series is constructed of rugged water resistant polyester with a waterproof backing built-in. The inside of the cover features a padded, soft lined interior for additional protection.
Handle holes on the top* of the cover align with the built-in handles of the speaker providing access for quickly moving while leaving the cover on. *On the GPA-CVR12 Model the handle hole is located on the side of the cover.
The Gator GPA-Speaker Covers are perfect for rental house, event DJ or back-line use and are available from your authorized Gator dealers.
GPA-CVR8 QSC K8, Turbosound IQ8, Yamaha DRX8
GPA-CVR10 QSC K10, Turbosound IQ10, Yamaha DRX10
GPA-CVR12 QSC K12, Turbosound IQ12, Yamaha DRX12