Winter NAMM 2013

The 2013 Winter NAMM show marks Gator history with the launch of our new Frameworks line of stands and support systems. The booth was busier than ever with lots of excitement for the new line and case additions such as the new Behringer X32 Case with 360 ARM.
Gator Cases President Crystal Morris and Product Designer Rob McCoy with Rich Redmond drummer for Jason Aldean!
The Gator Booth
The Gator Sales Reps check out the new line of FRAMEWORKS stands
Frameworks includes over 50 unique stand solutions including Bass drum and Amp mics, Music Stands, and Guitar Stands
Rich Redmond (Drummer for Jason Aldean) stops by the booth for an special autograph session
Rich Redmond Signing!
Rich signs one of our new Evolution Snare Drum Cases!
Rich and Gator Artist Relations Manager Brian Larsen
12" Skinz can pimp your Gator Case!
DJ Keith Shocklee (Public Enemy) finds a familiar face in the Gator booth.
Wayne Static (Static X) and his wife Tera Wray with the Gator man! 
Detroit Rockers ME&U perform in the booth using Gator Frameworks stands
Andrea from ME&U using the Frameworks Mic Stand
Nazim from ME&U using the Frameworks Amp Stand
ME&U Perform 'Crazy' Live in the Gator Booth
ME&U with the Gator man!
Ndugu Chancler stops by the Gator booth.
Drummer Gene Hoglan! (Testament, Fear Factory) 
Breakerbox and the Gator man!
Jaz Sawyer with Gator's new Evolution Snare Case
Actor Stephen Constantino visits the booth. Stephen played the Gamorrean Guard in Star Wars - Return of the Jedi. (Yes, he was the one eaten by the Rancor!!)